Hello world! And Mother Holle


So this is the place where I’m going to post my paintings, illustrations, mixed media constructions, painted boxes and jewelry, some older and hopefully a lot of new ones, and talk a little about what inspired them, the story behind each one and my process of art making.  My interests are varied, from women’s spirituality, metaphysics, the natural sciences, archetypal psychology, the Medieval art of Illumination, Magic, Myth, Folk Lore and Fairy Tales, especially of Britain and honey bees.  All of which, as you will see, turn up in my art.

As it’s very wintry here and just about everywhere else in the Western Hemisphere, I thought I’d show you this illustration of Mother Holle (aka Frau Holle, Hulda, Hol, Hel, Holda, Hilda) a Germanic Goddess who appears in the Grimms fairy tale # 24.  I decided to show a scene from the fairy tale where it is said that when Mother Holle makes her bed it snows. So here she is leaning out of  her window shaking and fluffing up her feather pillows and making it snow on the Medieval winter scene below. This winter farm scene is adapted from the illumination”February” from the Medieval Book of Hours, Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. The seated woman stirring her cauldron is the English Mystic, Margery Kemp 1373-1438 who led a very interesting life for a woman of her time. The border illustrates the old English carol “The Holly and the Ivy”.

This painting is ink on an Ampersand Clayboard panel and was completed in 2005.  It was originally created as  Winter Solstice or Yule card .


  1. Hello Jane,

    I am an editor of Storytelling Magazine and am interested in using your innovative Mother Holle artwork as a cover. Our issue in January will be about mentors and Mother Holle was that! We have no budget for the cover but you will get full credit with your web address and/or your email contact. I need to know ASAP. Thank you for considering this.

    Cathryn Fairlee

    1. Hello Cathryn,
      Yes, you have my permission for a one time use of Mother Holle for your cover of Storytelling Magazine. Please use both my web address and my e-mail.
      Thanks for considering me,
      Jane E. Ward

      1. Thank you, Jane! Would you like me to send you a pdf of the magazine? I would need your email, or I could send a hard copy if you send me your snail mail.

        Again, many thanks.

  2. Hi Jane,
    Another editor from Storytelling Magazine here asking if you could send us a scan of your Mother Holle artwork that is of higher resolution than we can get off your blog. It is for the cover, and we want it to look its best as it represents both your work and the magazine. You could send it to me at jsthompson@storynet.org. Thank you for the permission and for considering this request.
    ~Janet Thompson

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