Gold leaf, tree bracelet and baby squirrels.

Well, gold leafing is a bit scary at first but once you get going on it, it’s not so bad to be covered head to toe in little flakes of gold.

Gold leaf applied to inside

I applied the gold over venetian red, it’s not this bright but I may have to antique it some more to tone it down.

Threshold Tree Bracelet

The bracelet I  made yesterday with an antiqued brass charm framed print of my miniature painting ‘Threshold Tree’. It’s green ceramic, tigers eye and wood beads.

Here’s the actual painting-

Threshold Tree Miniature, Egg Tempera on board

Here’s the back of the charm with another small tree painting.

painting on back of charm

While I’ve  been writing this, I’ve had guys outside cutting down a rotten limb from my old pecan tree.  The guy who scaled the tree found a nest with 2 baby squirrels (about 10 days old) and he carefully wrapped them up in his t-shirt and brought them to me, so they wouldn’t be harmed.  They are now in a basket with a hot water bottle, wrapped in a blanket underneath the tree waiting for mom to find them. If she doesn’t come and get them in an hour I’m taking them to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Rescue and Rehab per their  instructions (Rescue not the squirrels). Hope she shows up soon. Sorry, I was too panicked to take a photo and now I don’t want to disturb them incase mom is around.

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