Here it is- “A Valentine For Anne Boleyn”

A Valentine for Anne Boleyn, Mixed Medium Assemblage, Copyright 2011 Jane E Ward

Here are some details- The original image of Anne that I created for this piece didn’t end up working, so this is a framed print and the Image of Henry is by Hans Holbein the Younger who painted this portrait of Henry around the same time that Anne lost her head. I made the image tiny so you could peak at him through this little portal (plus I didn’t think he deserved to be any more prominent).

Interior, gold leaf and framed images of Anne and Henry.

This is a detail of the left side it portrays a brooch that Anne wore and left to her daughter Elizabeth I. It is not the famous “B” of the portrait but a lesser known “AB”. Above it is the Tudor Rose.

AB detail

On the the right hand side of the piece is a depiction of Anne’s Falcon Badge.

Detail- Falcon Badge

The colors I used were based on similar colors used at the time in the 14th and 15th centuries. Although most objects we see from this time period are now faded, I decided not to artificially age and distress mine as I wanted to attempt show how vivid the Tudor colors really were.

Here is the the top of the piece-

detail- top

Here is a detail of the door handle- I actually found this hand at Michael’s in the jewelry findings and didn’t change it up that much, I added the faux ruby gem and the gold leaf and dangled it from a Fleur-de-lis hook.

Detail-door handle
Fancy feet and name plaque

As I was taking these photos, I had a winged visitor to the studio- I think she approved 🙂

Please give me a call and drop by the studio for tea and a closer look.

I’m now going to work on a couple of paintings that have been calling my name.

“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.” – Frank Tibolt


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