This is the best quote I could find on buttons- It’s Shakespeare, from Hamlet Act ll

Guildenstern: “Happy in that we are not overhappy; on Fortune’s cap we are not the very button.”

The Bard goes on to say that Guildenstern and Rosencrantz are however living in Fortune’s “privates” –  http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Hamlet (scroll down on the wikipedia page to see this quote.)

I have a few buttons in my stash that I believe belonged to my Mum-in-law- the  first and one and only, Janie Ward ( I’m also known to all as Janie and yes, it got confusing at times) 🙂 so these are probably from the 60’s and 70’s or maybe even earlier?

Button Bracelets

Left to Right: Real brown leather (they fake them in plastic now) with turquoise, copper chain and a copper star charm- a bone and pewter crest with obsidian, snow flake obsidian, silver chain and silver heart charm- red Bakelite or maybe red plastic, but cool looking, with garnet, red jade and copper with tibetan charm- and brass button with turquoise, brass chain, brass star charm and chamois leather.

On the wrist

Here’s what it looks like when I get obsessed with buttons!

Messily making button bracelets.

Now I’m out of buttons and jonesing bad, but have some coming soon from my fellow artist and enabler Kerry Kittrell. We try to support each others habits-I just sent her some blue crushed velvet for an art bra, breast cancer charity project.

If anyone has some unusual old buttons with the loop on the back of the button, (not holes) that they want to part with, let me know I’m on a roll and I need them bad.


  1. Janee – I also have a jar of Mom’s buttons. Will drop them by your house soon so you can see if there’s anything there you might be interested in. – Sherri

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