La Reina Nicho Necklace

I found these super cool little nicho pendants in copper with patina at Michaels and just couldn’t resist. I knew … More

Whatever you love…

 “Whatever you love, you are.”~Rumi (1207-1273) If this is true, then today I am-a comfy chair, a hot cup of … More

A wish for you.

I painted this as a house-warming gift for my daughter. It’s a little 12″x12” art spell. Everything that I wished … More

Honey Buttons

Recognize the vintage button, Kerry? It’s one of the ones you sent to me from your stash. Thanks! And one … More


In south east Texas the Mulberries are ripening and I have an ancient Mulberry tree in my backyard. The birds … More


One of my favorite paintings is The Birth of Venus by Botticelli depicting the goddess Venus rising from the ocean on a … More