La Reina Nicho Necklace

I found these super cool little nicho pendants in copper with patina at Michaels and just couldn’t resist. I knew they would be perfect to make a mini mixed media collage and a necklace all in one.

La Reina necklace- nicho closed.

I knew exactly what I wanted to put inside- a collage of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico’s beloved Madonna.

La Reina Nicho- Doors open

Here’s a close-up of the little collage- we’re talking under 2 inches here-the image of the Guadalupe is embellished with gold ink and the metal crown is painted and aged. The background is hand made and painted paper.

Nicho detail

The necklace part was wire wrapped, hand painted, fabric and a copper chain. I aged the fabric with walnut ink crystals from one of my favorite art supply websites, Anima Designs. The wire was copper and turquoise coated copper. I also wire wrapped a tiny key charm.

Wire wrap detail

I gave this to my sister for her birthday and she told she had found the same nicho at Michaels and had bought it to make me a pendant for my birthday!  Great minds…:)

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