Mimosas and butterflies.

My mimosa tree, like the pear tree,  is another survivor. It was taken out in a tornado in April 1983.We had a lot of tornados that year as well as Hurricane Alecia in the summer. It was really old and big for a mimosa and was tossed aside like a twig.  All that was left was the king root (that was what I was told it was called at the time) I assume it was the tap root. This tree sat just a couple of feet from my bedroom window, so to say it was a near miss is an understatement! I woke to the the sound of a freight train, I know that what everyone says, but I live close to a railroad track and I can vouch for the fact that tornados really do sound like that, and shouted “TORNADO!!!”. My husband told me to go back to sleep it was just a storm. Huh! If you ever hear that sound, and I hope you never do, don’t second guess, run for cover!

Here it is today, it grew back from the root . It’s in full bloom and covered in butterflies, symbols of rebirth. This one is a yellow swallow tail.

mimosa tree and butterfly.

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