The Red Messenger

The Red Messenger©2011, Jane E Ward

This is colored pencil, ink and gold ink on paper. The word angel is from the Latin angelus which in turn is a translation from the ancient Greek word ἄγγελος (aggelos) meaning messenger.

I drew this after I had a dream in which a red angel came to me to tell me something very important but when I awoke I couldn’t remember what it was. I guess this is the reason why they say, to remember your dreams, always keep a notebook by the bed!

A fascinating book about dreaming is called The Secret History of Dreams by Robert Moss. In it, he talks about dreaming and recounts some of the dreams of famous people throughout history.

From the blurb: ” The Secret History of Dreams addresses the central importance of dreams and imagination as secret engines in the history of all things human, from literature to quantum physics, from religion to psychology, from war to healing.”

And it does- I highly recommend it. Moss’s blog about dreaming is well worth a read  too.

I dreamt the other night about a man who could predict where a hurricane would come in by reading tuna- kind of like reading tea leaves. He would dump out a can of tuna on a plate and whatever shape it formed was the state where it was going to make landfall. I saw Texas, lets hope it wasn’t a prophetic dream!

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