The move is under way and I have plans…

Preliminary sketch for She Who Creates (detail) Pencil on Vellum

My youngest is in the process of moving out as we speak and I plan to temporary move my studio into her old bedroom while my dear husband tackles a total, extreme makeover, studio overhaul for me. Shh- he doesn’t know the extent of it yet.

I’ve decided that surfaces, a great expanse of surfaces, and space, vast infinite space, is what I need. For the surface part, my friend Pati gave me her old, but really nice, synthetic stone counter tops from her recent kitchen remodel. The island with the cut out for a cooktop will become a work station with light box. Yes, my head is teemimg (see sketch above) with great plans!

For the space part, I need to have a good clean out. I have accumulated a lot of supplies and also oddities over the years, bones, small mammal skulls, broken ostrich eggs, turkey claws- you know, the usual stuff. I have somewhat obsessively held on to these because I always might, sometime, possibly, maybe, definitely need them for some bizarro mixed media assemblage, one never knows.

Anybody who’s interested in acquiring all kinds of artsy fartsy, flotsam and jetsam, ( terms of maritime law apparently- just flotsam and jetsam not artsy fartsy)  and wants to do an intervention and talk me out of some of this stuff-just let me know. Caveat-whomever takes supplies must take at least one oddity.


      1. Oh cool. =)
        Well let me know whenever they are ready and I’ll come out there and visit with all of you!

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