Sketchbook Project 2012 update

Title page and inside of cover, sketchbook © Jane E. Ward 2011


I haven’t posted any sketchbook pages in awhile  for the Sketchbook Project 2012, so here’s a couple.

It’s coming along slowly but surely- I’d better hurry as I only have a few months left, the deadline is in January-gasp!

Once upon a time and a map of Cordis, sketchbook © Jane E. Ward 2011

The country in the map is called Cordis which is latin and means ‘of the heart’ from the root cor came words like accord,which means hearts in agreement, discord, meaning hearts apart and then when they kiss and make up, concord, hearts back together. My map is a bit like that. And the word accordian originally meant something like ‘harmonious notes that please the heart’ but I think that may be debatable.

I’m a bit farther along into the sketchbook but haven’t scanned the pages yet., I’ll post soon.


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