Happy New Year for 2012!

Take the Bull by The Horns and Leap!      Mixed Media Mosaic Copyright 2012          Jane E Ward

I just finished this mixed media mosaic last night as I watched the the ball drop in Times Square- it’s  called “Sometimes you just have to take the Bull by the Horns and Leap!” The piece consists of a  bull and labrys image from a found coaster from Crete, mileflore glass, pewter, black and silver glass beads, a silver Cretan Snake Goddess and a pewter snake charm. The words are stamped on Ames Apoxie Sculpt that is painted with Golden interference Blue on a recycled wood form.

The Bull Leapers in ancient Minoan Crete would perform rituals consisting of daring acrobatic leaping over bulls. They would grasp the bull’s horns which made the bull violently jerk his neck upwards giving them the necessary momentum to then somersault up landing on the back of the bull, from there they would do a back flip off onto the ground.

Fresco from the Palace in Knossos Crete currently in the Herakleion museum- Wikimedia Commons

The labrys is  one of the oldest images of Greek civilization depicting a double headed axe. The archeologist, Marija Gimbutas discovered that this symbol goes back a lot farther to Neolithic Anatolia and interpreted it to be a symbol of the great Mother Goddess, with the two curved edges representing the waxing and waning crescents of the moon.

I’ve decided that “Take the Bull by the Horns and Leap!” will be a good motto for 2012- a leap year!


  1. Janee, your mosaic work is just exquisite. I think you have found your niche. I hope you find a venue to sell these. They are unusual and so interesting and reflective of your continued interest in mythology. Love it!

    1. Thanks so much Kay, I’m loving making these and when I have enough made, I will be looking for a venue or maybe I’ll try to have a show here again at the studio, if everything finally settles down.

  2. Janee,

    Another stunning piece! It is such a delight seeing how much fun you’re having! Not only is the work itself exemplary, the accompanying story is also wonderful!

    You provide enticing teaching moments with your mythical pieces. Thank you for always being such a refreshing inspiration!

    with gratitude and love,

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