It’s about time!

Yes, it’s about time I updated here, what can I say… but I’ve been really  busy making art, see…

I finished out my series of mosaic plaques with the Cretan tiles.

Just Let it Flow. Copyright 2012 Jane E Ward

This is a mixed media mosaic with ceramic tile, millefiori glass, beads, shells, jewelry pieces. The title ” Just Let It Flow” is my mantra and it also sums up my creative process.  I found Flow by falling in love with my process.

You Reap What You Sow. Copyright 2012 Jane E. Ward

This is also a mixed medium mosaic with many of the same materials as above, the words are stamped in Aves Apoxy Sculpt. This piece was made at the beginning of the growing season and as I thought ahead about  reaping the harvest, I thought of my bees. Once these pollinators are all dead from Colony Collapse Disorder, by systematically poisoning them with pesticides, we will eventually not have very much left to reap.


Persephone’s Pick Copyright 2012, Jane E. Ward

And finally this mosaic took up quite a lot of my time, it’s made from hand cut stained glass tessera and beads for the pomegranate seeds. Originally this was going to be a hearth for my new fireplace but I changed my mind and hung it on the wall above. The title, Persephone’s Pick, refers to Persephone’s choice to eat the pomegranate seed and remain in the Underworld for half the year as Hades wife instead of returning to the world for good. I have often wondered why she made this choice.

So as you can see in my defense dear reader, I have been very busy but still, it’s not a good enough excuse for not writing just a little, every once in a while and I promise to do better in future.

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