My exploration into linocut printing 2021-2022

Oh Be Still My Beating Heart

I started my exploration into linocutting in July of 2021 and once I got the hang of it and some better Pfeil carving tools, which made all the difference, I was well and truly hooked.
I think I’ve now completed the 1000 hours that they say it takes to master a new art and I think I’ve definitely improved but I’m still learning something new with every cut and print. Being in that ”beginners mind” state, never bored and excited to start a new print is the best thing ever.
I use traditional battleship grey linoleum and also Richardson EasyCut plus rubber stamping material and have used many different types of printing paper and also experimented with hand made papers like Lokta from Nepal. It’s also fun to experiment and play with different printing tools from a wooden spoon, traditional Speedball barren, and an old Cricut embossing machine used as a printing press.

Oh Be Still My Beating Heart is a three part print on Lokta paper using the embossing machine to print it.